3D Vertical Scrolling Shoot'em Up Prototype

A re-envisioning of the classic arcade genre

What it is:

A re-envisioning of the classic arcade genre. Utilizes a unique dual camera system where the playfield is rendered by an initial camera which is set on a scroll path and triggers elements such as a enemy spawns. The second camera is setup with a 3rd person chase rig and follows a dolly path through an environment which then renders behind the first camera.

This game was developed as full vertical slice for potential publisher consideration. As such, there's fully implemented systems for expanding on all core prefabs so that additional enemies, shot patterns, and environments can all be quickly created streamlining the process in the future.

Link to GitHub repository

Engine: Unity
Platform: PC, Mac, WebGL

Layered Cameras

Layered cameras are used to separate the playfield from the background to create a novel momentum effect.


Multiple post-processing effects were used to create dyanamic lighting, glows, and shadows.

Complex Enemy Design

Many enemy types were built with individual state machines allowing for complex behaviors.