Who Am I?

Experienced multidisciplinarian developer who strives to engineer amazing experiences.

Hi :)

I am equal parts engineer, communicator, and designer.

I've spent years cultivating a varied skillset that allowed me to grow and develop my technical abilities as well as my interpersonal and communication qualities.

My time spent as a senior technical trainer who facilitated in a classroom environment, created interactive educational games, and lead large groups of individuals through technical challenges has given me a unique empowering nature when it comes to supporting my colleagues. Being part of a team isn't just a matter of fulfilling my role for me, it's an opportunity to find the strengths between members and develop true synergy.

While in various R&D roles, I've developed as a well versed software engineer with experience in both front and back end environments, client and server services, and multiple build pipelines. I have more than a decade of experience working in various technical roles from QA to Automation Engineering that required me to rapidly learn new technologies, apply systematic layers of deduction to troubleshoot them, and efficiently document as well as communicate ongoing statuses with team members, stakeholders, and clients.

These experiences, along with a lifelong insatiable passion for game development, have coalesced to evolve me into a game developer who is fully equipped to work solo on self-directed projects or can quickly become an integral and positive force on a team.