3rd Person Shooter - Animation Blending Prototype

Custom animation blending module created for use with artists in mind. Applied to a 3rd person shooter to demonstrate free form movement.

What it is:

An animation blending system built using a combination of C++ and Blueprints. It was built with ease of us in mind as a potential tool for collaborating with artists. It's compatible with all commonly used skeletal meshes and rigged animations with a large array of configurable options exposed through Blueprints allowing quick and easy changes to be made.

Shown here is it being applied to a 3rd person shooter prototype to demonstrate how the eight way walk seamlessly transitions in different directions while handling various walk speeds.

View the full video here

Engine: Unreal Engine 5.2
Platform: PC, Mac, WebGL

Designed For Collaboratin

Robust Blueprint system created so that animations can easily be configured in-editor.

8-Way Blending

Multiple animation cycles being blended seamlessly.

Multiple Movement Type Support

Animations adapt to different walk speeds such as transitioning from a walk to run.

Tracking and Turning

Model animation will smoothly track and turn with player or other desired targets.