Mobile Game Prototypes - Tower Defense and Matching Puzzle

Mobile and web-browser friendly games that were created with flexibility and accessibility in mind

What it is:

These games were created as projects that could be completed from start to finish (including opening splash screens, menus, options, multiple stages, select screens, in-game upgrade features, etc) in order to help strengthen my understanding of design elements that I don't always get to work on.

The Tower Defense prototype was originally inspired by the famous Brackey series, but was then expanded on to include a base of customizable turret prefabs, the weapons system was uncoupled from the main code and made more extendible, as well as doing similar for the enemy types.

The Matching Puzzle prototype was created with the core rules of the existing 2024 matching game. The big focus was to make a mobile friendly game that dynamically resized for a variety of different screen sizes, included touch screen controls, and accessibility options.

Engine: Unity
Platform: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, WebGL

Map Placement and Upgrades

Fully featured with expandable upgrade paths and maps

Zoom and Camera Control

Camera control built to allow mouse or keyboard scrolling along with the ability to zoom in/out

Mobile Friendly

Built to automatically resize to a variety of screens and include touch screen control