3rd Person Parkour Runner Prototype

Custom 3rd Person camera controller combined with a character controller that uses blending animation states to create smooth flowing movements

What it is:

The goal was to create a prototype for a 3rd person game which would have a smart camera system, fluid animation system that blend between states, and a character controller that worked in unison to adapt to a variety of geometry with different movements.

The camera uses flexible colliders to ensure that it stays with in the environment and always provides a clear view of the player. Smoothing and dampening were added along with a custom editor tool for within Unity so that other designers had easy access to all the parameters for tweaking.

Engine: Unity
Platform: PC, Mac, WebGL

Wall Running

Wall running being demonstrated along with wall jumps into speed based landing roll

Angled Jumps

Varied angled surfaces being traversed with speed specific animations


Sliding under objects while maintaining momentum

Various Jumps

Various jumps, air control, and camera movements