3rd Person Souls-Like Prototype

Creating an action RPG with the core features of the popular Dark Souls series of games

What it is:

This prototype was created as a starting point to iterate further on a skill based, combat focused, RPG experience

An intelligent 3rd person camera system was designed to avoid collisions in tight corridors while allowing smooth lock-on functionality. Inverse kinematics were used to adjust the character foot and leg heights naturally. Multiple animation sequences were created so that they would register and react from a variety of angles.

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Engine: Unreal Engine 5.3
Platform: PC, Mac

Reactive Attack and Death Animations

Different animations trigger according to the direction of the attack and the facing of the player as well as their opponent.

3rd Person Camera / Item pick ups

A smart camera that avoids collisions. Item system with trackable inventory.

Inverse Kinematics

System implemented that actively checks the distance to the floor to accurately place and animate the player's legs and feet.

Lock On Camera Toggle

Player is able to lock on to enemies allowing for fluid combat.